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I’ve been asked many times how I “began doing Tantra”… 

My first step was attending a Tantric weekend just for women~it was the first time I ever experienced Sisterhood, non judgement from others and a safe container to just get in touch with my body and my truth.

I learned how to consciously invite more pleasure into my life~ I caress my own hair and skin the way I want to be touched, I take the extra long shower to feel the water over my skin, I deeply breath in the smell of my coffee before running the warm brew over my lips. The more mindful and grateful I’ve become about the small pleasures in life, the more sensual and sexy life has become. Tantra isn’t just about S€X it’s a way of life!

Tantra has changed my life. I’ve always been an empath but now I can blissfully say that I feel EVERYTHING so deeply. I no longer numb my emotions to make others more comfortable with me. 

I am now sovereign and strong in myself, and so excited to bring that forward to the rest of the world. I am a true Priestess in Sacred Healing. I am here to help you drop your conditioned beliefs and behaviours and show you how to fall blissfully in to love…