Reiki Rest & Restore

We are living in a physical world that derives it’s energy from the sun. All living things need the light and warmth of the sun to grow, to stay alive, to stay healthy.

We also have a mind and emotional system that exists within a network of relationships and core beliefs, whose energy source is our thoughts and feelings. If we have trauma or loss in our lives we may become emotionally unwell. Psychoneuroimmunology and somatic practitioners refer to the body and the mind as one entity-the bodymind, to reflect the intimate connection between physical and emotional energy.

Our Spiritual body has its own source of energy, which we use to alter our emotional and physical states of health. Just as people and places exist in the physical world and can contribute to our well-being, within the dimension of spiritual energy there is a source available to us for healing, living, promoting enlightenment. This is the fount of every subtle, spiritual phenomenon in the Universe.



$100 1.0 HR CAD ($75 USD)

$150 1.5 HR CAD ($100 USD)

$200 2.0 HR CAD ($150 USD)

Christina uniquely combines Reiki & Restorative practices to promote deep relaxation, recovery and balance within the body.